Three Month Emotional Intelligence Training

“Emotional Intelligence is a new concept, which is related to the ability to understand one’s own feelings and behavior as well as the capacity to sense the feelings and needs of others and to utilize this information in a way that enhance interpersonal relationships.” – George Anderson

  • EQ-i 2.0 Assessment

    The EQ-i is an excellent instrument for self-growth and as an adjunct to the coaching process. It can also be used in employee development programs and to aid in the hiring decisions. Research indicates that there is a strong correlation between emotional intelligence and job performance, making the EQ-i the ideal screening tool to aid in selecting potentially successful employees.

  • In-Depth Training Content

    This course includes 3 months worth of in-depth training content curated by Anderson & Anderson. The training is designed to provide an assessment and coaching structure for Emotional Intelligence Coaches. In addition, The Practice of Control and Gaining Control of Ourselves by George Anderson are the client workbooks that are used in this coaching model.

  • Activities & Exams

    To successfully complete this course, you will be required to complete and submit 1 assignment and test for each of the 5 modules. The information needed to pass these requirements will be found in the lessons throughout this course. You will also have access to relevant material from George's books such as EQ Edge, The Practice of Control, and Gaining Control of Ourselves.

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Course Curriculum

  • 01


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    • Your Assessment Access Link

    • Proof of Completion

  • 02


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    • Intro To The Course

    • The Contrasting Wheels of Behavior

  • 03

    MODULE 1: The Self-Perception Realm

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    • Intro To Module 1

    • LESSON 1: Emotional Self-Awareness

    • LESSON 2: Self-Regard

    • LESSON 3: Self-Actualization

    • ACTIVITY: Contrasting Wheels of Behavior


  • 04

    MODULE 2: The Self-Expression Realm

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    • Intro To Module 2

    • LESSON 1: Emotional Expression

    • LESSON 2: Independence

    • LESSON 3: Assertiveness

    • ACTIVITY: Contrasting Wheels of Behavior


  • 05

    MODULE 3: The Interpersonal Realm

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    • Intro To Module 3

    • LESSON 1: Interpersonal Relationships

    • LESSON 2: Empathy

    • LESSON 3: Social Responsibility

    • ACTIVITY: Contrasting Wheels of Behavior


  • 06

    MODULE 4: The Decision Making Realm

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    • Intro To Module 4

    • LESSON 1: Reality Testing

    • LESSON 2: Problem Solving

    • LESSON 3: Impulse Control

    • ACTIVITY: Contrasting Wheels of Behavior


  • 07

    MODULE 5: The Stress Management Realm

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    • Intro To Module 5

    • LESSON 1: Flexibility

    • LESSON 2: Stress Tolerance

    • LESSON 3: Optimism

    • ACTIVITY: Contrasting Wheels of Behavior


  • 08


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    • Conclusion To The Course

    • Establishing a Private Practice in Anger Management

Meet Your Instructors

Anderson & Anderson, APC has been a California Chartered Professional Corporation since 1982. Our mission is to provide high quality professional services and products in emotional intelligence, executive coaching, batterer’s intervention and anger management for children, adolescents and adults.

Here's What You'll Get

  • Pre and Post EQ-i 2.0 EI Assessment

  • Contrasting Wheels of Behavior Activities

  • Client and Coach Agreement

  • Client History and Data Gathering

  • Goal Setting & Development of Coaching Action Plan

  • Implementation of Coaching Action Plan

  • Measuring and Reporting Results

  • 3 Months of Coach Supervision and Consultation From Anderson & Anderson

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